SC UPRUC TPA SRL Fagaras stainless steel foundry specializes in the manufacturing of centrifugal pumps and spare parts (cast and processed) for the petrochemical industry and refineries, parts made of steel, refractory materials and superalloys, components subjected to high temperatures and corrosion-resistant, as well as heat treatment furnaces.

The foundry department is equipped with induction furnaces, with a capacity of 150 kg and 500 kg, horizontal machines for centrifugal casting with a length of 950 ml, 1700 ml and 2095 ml.

The products can be delivered separately or as assemblies made of cast components, mechanically processed (with the help of CNCs, universal milling cutters and lathe machine, grinding machines, etc.).

The products are made of a very diverse range of materials depending on the temperature at which they are required, starting from carbon steel to refractory superalloys.

The casting processes are either static (No-Bake or Croning), or by centrifugal casting with horizontal axis of rotation.


We process valves, pumps, castings as well as products that require processing according to the beneficiary’s documentation.

The equipment used is: normal and CNC lathe machine, universal and CNC type milling cutters, semi-automatic milling and boring machine, drilling machines, grinding machines for flat, external and internal grinding and for spherical grinding, belt cutting machines.

We manufacture wood or metal models, according to the beneficiary’s model or documentation.


The repair and service department provides technical assistance for planning and design (execution drawings, material and necessary testing) in order to implement customer projects.

We also offer a guarantee for the repaired products, after accurately evaluating them and offering competent solutions.

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